“ In childhood we press our nose to the window looking out. In memories of childhood we press our nose to the window pane looking in.” -----Robert Brault.
   As an artist I try to resurrect my memories of growing up in 1950’s Fresno, California. We lived on the edge of town with miles of untended fields where my five siblings and I played endlessly in our secret treehouse, found feral kittens under wood piles, shooed our brood of chickens, swam in the irrigation ditches, and rode our sloped-back horse that we saved from the local glue factory.
   My beautiful, fiery tempered, Brazilian mother regaled us with stories of her youth in the Amazon jungle, of her spotted baby jaguar and a friendly boa constrictor who sucked on her sister’s bottle. Our very favorite story took place while Mom was swimming with her unfortunate maid, Maria in the river, when a crocodile dragged her maid under. She survived, but lost half of her buttocks to the Jacare.
   At Fresno State College I discovered poetry and art and joined Judy Chicago’s ground breaking Feminist Art Program. At our off-campus studio I painted huge, watery canvases, inspired by Morris Louis. We wrote Feminist Theater performed at UC Berkeley in which I portrayed a hooker. The next year I moved with Judy to Cal Arts in Valencia, CA., joining the New York artist Miriam Shapiro and other women students in the historic project “Woman House”.
   After receiving my BFA from CalArts, I did a myriad of jobs, from photostylist for Playboy Magazine to a stylist on a Michael Jackson Album cover; a set decorator on television commercials for Toyota, Tylenol and Pampers, a wardrobe assistant on a John Cassavetes film, and as art director for a Turner T.V. series. My very last job lasted for 19 years as an educator of young children in an L. A. public school.
   Through it all, I never lost my love of art-making, inspired by the brightly painted casitas of Mexico, my memories of my Fresno childhood, and my mother’s stories of her Brazilian home, that I visited with her on a life-changing trip down the Amazon. My art practice today collects these memories and images through the media of collage, print-making, encaustic, and making books, always alive with bold colors and a sense of innocence and wonder. People describe my work as cheerful, childlike, colorful, exuberant, and nostalgic. I am still that tender child, a bit more sophisticated now, playing in my studio with my art-stuff, creating visual stories that I cannot explain in words, as time goes by more rapidly each day!

Printmaking Workshop, Guanajuato, Mexico 2015

- May 2016 "Celebrating the Summer" Show Borrego Art Institute, Borrego California

- Nov 2015 "Expressions of Contemporary Latin American Art"

- Oct 2015 "Day of the Dead" Show Barnsdall Art Center", Hollywood California

- Dec 2014 "The Art of Flora and Fauna" Borrego Art Institute, Borrego California

- Feb 2014 "Transferring Ink#3 An Exhibition of Contemporary Printmaking - Janice Griffith Gallery," Fallbrook California

- May 2011 "Ron Pokrasso and Colleagues" Quad Gallery Riverside, California

- May 2009 "A Studio of Their Own" the Legacy of the Fresno Feminist Experiment Curated by Dr. Laura Meyer at California State University at Fresno, California

- Nov 2015 "Expressions of Contemporary Latin American Art"

- July 2001 "Then and Now" Women of the Feminist Art Program1970-1971 Fresno Art Museum, Fresno California